Trendy. Natural. International.

As our world becomes more connected, the demand for voices that resonate across borders keeps growing. My euro-neutral accent excels in global projects, while my millennial flair resonates effortlessly with today's audience. As a seasoned voiceover artist and audio producer, I bring a kaleidoscope of tones to the table. With a natural style that speaks directly to the person, I ensure your message connects authentically. In an era where AI-voiceovers trend, I prioritize the human touch, recognizing that true connection goes beyond automated voices.
In a nutshell
Primary services: Voiceovers, narrations, dubbing and singing


Voice age: 15-40


+ Fast turnaround
+ Broadcast quality studio
+ Efficient workflow
+ Good communication


Additional services: Copywriting, proofreading, translation FI-EN-FI, music production, sound design, other voice talents

Languages and accents
* Finnish – native

* English – fluent (euro-neutral with more US or UK pronunciation, Nordic, Slavic)

* Swedish – conversational (Finlandssvenska)

* Spanish – conversational (Castilian Spanish with a Nordic touch)

* Hebrew – beginner (basic phrases and short texts with a ‘foreign’ accent)

* Commercials and branding
The girl next door, the flirty and fun, or the precise tone for brand idents, I love breathing life into commercials and branding challenges.
* Radio spots
From a sassy teen to a comforting mother, I enjoy creting the scene with my tone.
* Audio for children
With over four years as the channel voice of Nick Jr., I’ve perfected the art of speaking to children.
* Explainers, tutorials, training
When you want the listener to relate, and understand, my voice brings a conversational touch to your content.
Useful skills
+ I can record jingles and singing roles as well.

+ I can speak fast when needed, even medical and technical vocabulary.

+ I can pick up pronunciation of foreign languages quite well with a reference or guidance.

+ I often get compliments for being efficient and quick, I take direction well and therefore remote sessions don’t require much time.


Have a listen to my previous work below
voiceover artist

Commercials, Finnish
Corporate/brand films, Finnish
Explainers/how-to's, Finnish
Corporate/Brand Films, English
Explainers/how-to's, English
About Me
The who, why, what

I’m a full-time voice talent and audio producer, a wife, and a mother to two teenagers. I’m a native Finnish speaker and my near-native English has a subtle European accent, which seems to be often preferred for global branding.

I have a long and versatile background in the audio industry – from a singing career to voiceovers, from composing to audio restoration, from casting to directing, and everything in between.

I have been recording voiceovers since 2013 and I deliver hundreds of projects every year. I’ve been the channel voice of Nick Jr. Finland since 2019. You can also hear my singing on more than 70 commercial releases by several big and small record labels, including Ultra Music, and my acapellas have over 100k downloads.

Working as a manager in the audio production company I co-own (Illusia Productions), I am fortunate to have a fully equipped, multi-room recording studio conveniently located next to my house, and I also have a custom-built, half a ton vocal booth in my ‘office studio’ at home. Therefore, I enjoy the benefits of both a commercial studio as well as a broadcast quality home studio.

I want you to have the perfect take so I’m happy to give you a free revision if the pace or tone needs adjusting, or you can book a slot for a directed session. Customer satisfaction and efficiency is my top priority, I offer fast turnaround and can be flexible with schedules.

I like to send my files fully edited and properly processed, which also saves time on your end, but surely a dry recording is also doable as you wish. Also, I have 10+ years of experience with FI-EN-FI translations and writing – I am happy to proofread or translate your script as an additional service.


Join the party!

You’re a star!! Thank you so much for your excellent work!

Mike Young Studio
Spotify Premium-spots

We are super happy with your pleasant and clear voice and the way you talked. The recording is really good and I´m satisfied. Thanks a lot for your fast and professional job.

Sara Hedlin, Inter IKEA Systems
Corporate internal materials

Heli has demonstrated the utmost professionalism and kindness when dealing with vocal work for our artists. On top of her professionalism she carries a beautiful and talented voice. You can count on her for the best kind of treatment and high quality vocal work!

Colton Camby, High Intensity Records
Session vocals and songwriting

Our children’s story narration in Heli’s Finnish is awesome. Always a pleasure working with Heli. Very professional and nice to work with. Highly recommend!

Eran, SoundTouch Interactive
Children's story translation and voice over

Very responsive and high quality final product. It was an absolute pleasure working with her, highly recommended.

Bessenyei, 48 Factoring
Company phone voice mail recording and music

Extremely responsive and quickly delivered. Amazing work!

Jacob, Camunda GmbH
Voice over for an explainer video

Oh my goodness what a joy to work with this lady. Super fast, asks the right questions and listens to instructions and turns out a quality product every time.

David Blake, Author
Production of audio books (voice-overs, editing, music, cover art)


This is where the magic happens!
voiceover production audio production
  • Steinberg Cubase Pro 10.5
  • Avid Pro Tools 11 HD
  • UAD / Universal Audio
  • Waves
  • Slate Digital
  • iZotope
recording studio voiceover production
  • Dangerous Music 2Bus+
  • Solid State Logic (SSL) Fusion
  • Warm Audio Bus Comp
  • Adam A77X
  • Avantone Mix Cube
  • Beyerdynamic DT-1990 Pro, DT-880 Pro, DT-770 Pro
  • Sonarworks Reference 4 Studio
voiceover recording vocal booth
  • 2x Slate Digital VMS
  • 2x Warm Audio WA-47
  • 1x Shure SM7b
  • 1x Neumann TLM 103
  • 1x Blue Baby Bottle
  • Universal Audio x16
  • Universal Audio x8p
  • Universal Audio Twin X
recording studio voice-over
  • Universal Audio x8p
  • Universal Audio Twin X
  • Warm Audio WA273
  • Warm Audio WA412
  • SPL Gold Mike 9844
  • Slate Digital VMS
  • iZotope RX 7


So let's get to work!

I will deliver your file(s) as edited and processed 48khz/24bit mono WAV, unless otherwise specified.
If you would like to receive a free sample read of your script, you can type it here